Our Staff

Focused Exclusively on Financing for Indian Country

We are professionals who are passionate about Building Tribal Economies.  We have an intimate knowledge of Tribal communities as well as public and private sector financing.

Experience has shown us that both Tribes and private sector partners desire better knowledge about how each conducts business in order to increase access to capital for tribal community and economic development.  That’s where Native Community Capital comes in.

Our products are customized to the needs of projects on tribal lands that historically have relied almost exclusively on public funds.  Our lending and brokering services provide investors and other partners assurance that the real or perceived risks associated with financial transactions on tribal trust lands or in distressed economies have been mitigated.  In short, we offer clients and partners a dedicated effort focused exclusively on Indian community and economic development finance.

Our staff and offices are located in Arizona and New Mexico, and we travel throughout the Western United States to offer technical support for borrowers like you to complete projects faster and with fewer headaches.

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Our Board

Native Community Capital is governed by a highly qualified and passionate all-volunteer Board of Directors selected because of their knowledge of Indian communities, finance, banking, development, and tribal tribal governance. The Board of Directors is assisted in its work by an advisory committee consisting of Tribal and industry professionals.

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